Boys Dance Too!!

The Ballet Academy welcomes boys in ballet classes at all levels!
Classes are mixed gender and lots of classes already have two or more boys in the groups.

Boys uniform for classes at The Ballet Academy can be purchased here with the official school supplier:
Please purchase shoes in BLACK.

Boys and girls perform variations on certain exercises in class.
Boys are encouraged to build strength and stamina to be able to perform large jumps and multiple pirouettes at an advanced level.

  • Did you know?…  Ballet develops co-ordination, flexibility, elevation, strengthens ankles, legs and core muscles, promotes agility, quick thinking, social interaction, self discipline – skills that are all complementary and transferable to other sports or hobbies and indeed every day life!
  • Did you know?… that footballer Rio Ferdinand attended professional ballet school in London before his football career!!
  • Did you know?… that professional male ballet dancers are considered some of the best athletes in the world with more intense physical training than most professional footballers or other sports people!!

The Wigan Warriors Rugby Project

The Wigan Warriors Rugby Youth League in the UK take part in regular ballet classes.
Their coach has seen a reduction in ankle and knee injuries and an improvement in core strength since the dance project began two years ago!
Ballet teacher Donna Harrison explains that the classes help the boys to use muscle groups they don’t normally use during rugby training, helps them to land jumps correctly, transfer their weight easily and improve their balance.
Their rugby coach, Darrell Goulding when asked if he’d recommend ballet training to other teams replied:
“I would one hundred per cent tell other teams to try activities like ballet and as many various sports and concepts as possible in order to increase performance. There will be many benefits from these experiences just as Wigan Warriors discovered from our ballet experience.”